Judi Neal, Ph.D.de Edgewalkers International annonce la nouvelle suivante pour les chercheurs en spiritualité et management :

Fetzer Institute Announces MSR Scholarships for Graduate Students and New Faculty Fetzer Institute is a private foundation created by John E. Fetzer in 1962 with a vision of a transformed world, powered by love, in which all people can flourish. Their mission is « To help build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. » One of their strategic initiatives is to partner with higher education organizations that are in alignment with this vision and mission. The Management, Spirituality and Religion (MSR) Interest Group at the Academy of Management is a higher education professional association that is very much in alignment. The MSR domain statement states in part, « MSR is devoted to defining the relevance and impact of spirituality and religion in management, organizations and society. » Because of this shared mission and vision, Fetzer Institute is generously offering 20 scholarships to graduate students and new faculty to support their attendance at the 2019 MSR program and related events at the Academy of Management in Boston. Each scholarship is $2,500 in support of graduate students and new faculty who otherwise would not have university support or other means of attending the annual conference. This support of new scholars in the MSR field will be a significant infusion of wonderful scholarly and spiritual energy into the MSR community. Their attendance will bring a critical mass of new thinking and a high degree of passion to the MSR field and to the MSR events at the Academy of Management annual meeting. It will also provide a significant level of credibility for their work in their home institutions and will encourage them to continue to pursue this cutting-edge work in a domain that is not always supported by the mainstream in the field of management. Recipients of this scholarship will be assigned an MSR Mentor who will provide support and guidance during the 2019 Academy of Management conference. Criteria for selection: Graduate students and new faculty doing research in the MSR domain. « New faculty » is defined as three years or less working as full-time faculty.Not funded by their institution or other sourcesWillingness to write a two-page summary for Fetzer Institute about how they benefitted from attending the Academy of Management.Doctoral students who receive the MSR Promising Dissertation Award will automatically receive funding. But because of the differing selection processes, we encourage you to apply for both awards. Selection process: The MSR Executive Committee will solicit applications for the Fetzer Doctoral Student and New Faculty MSR Scholarship through AOM Connect and other forms of outreach. Applications will be due by May 1, 2019. Please provide all relevant contact information, including the name of your university and your department. You must also include an official statement from the appropriate office in your university that they are not able to provide funding for your attendance at the Academy of Management. If your university can provide partial funding, that is acceptable; please state the amount of funding provided. The applicant must answer the following questions in 2 pages or less: What is your personal and professional interest in the fields of or on the topics of personal and organizational transformation, workplace spirituality, spiritual leadership development, transformative teaching, conscious business, and so forth?How will attending the Academy of Management help you in your research and your career?Do you have other funding to attend AOM? If so, how much and from where?If you are currently doing research in the MSR domain, please describe your work in 400-500 words. If you are not currently doing research but are hoping to, please briefly describe the work you would like to do. Dr. Judi Neal is the chair of the Fetzer MSR Scholarship Committee. Please submit your application to her at judi@edgewalkers.org. A selection committee of four MSR Executive Committee members will make the final selections of the best qualified applicants. Recipients of the MSR scholarships will be required to: Attend the MSR full-day Research Consortium on August 8, 2017Attend the MSR Professional Development Workshop programs August 9-10, 2019Attend the MSR dinner, August 9, 2019Attend the MSR business meeting and the MSR social, August 11, 2019Attend the MSR scholarly program sessions* August 11-13, 2019Attend the MSR Retreat, August 13-16, 2019Write a minimum of a two-page summary of the benefit of attending each these MSR events, to be shared with Fetzer Institute. The MSR Executive Committee will plan a specific induction session for these scholars to effectively welcome them into the MSR organization the first day of the AOM conference.   *We highly recommend that scholarship recipients attend the « MSR Plenary » and the « MSR and Friends » sessions. These events are important networking events for the MSR community. 
                       The MSR Executive Committee wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Fetzer Institute for this significant support. These scholarships will make a transformative difference to the recipients, as well as to invite a new infusion of energy and inspiration to the MSR community and to the field of management, spirituality and religion. To learn more about Fetzer Institute, visit their website at . We particularly encourage you to review their Theory of Change.      Click here to learn more about the Management, Spirituality and Religiion Interest Group at the Academy of Management. 

Publié par Catherine VOYNNET FOURBOUL

Maïtre de conférences Université Panthéon Assas Paris II, Directrice Master Executive du CIFFOP, habilitée à diriger les recherches, copilote du Groupe de Recherche Thématique Management & Spiritualité de l'AGRH

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  1. The MSR Executive Committee is very grateful for the generosity of those who are invested in the future of MSR and who have created awards to support scholarship and community participation.  These awards will make a big difference.



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